Our Work Philosophy

At Retrochic, we want each product to become a work of art that tells a story, because behind each detail lies the soul and creativity of our artisans and designers, and most importantly the dreams, desires and inspirations from our clients. 

We strive to transform your order into a creative project!  When you purchase a piece or set of furniture from Retrochic, you're investing in a labor of love that will form part of your own family heritage, while at the same time promoting the entrepreneurship of several artisanal networks of Ecuador. 

We always try to innovate and explore the use of new textures and colors; each client order is personalized and each piece is unique. You can choose shapes, sizes, colors and finish options of every piece of furniture from our catalog, and customize your space to measure.

Quality craftsmen – we work with artisans from all over the country, cabinet makers specialized in hand carving of furniture.

Locally sourced – We are currently creating alliances to work with Ecuadorian handcrafted textiles, with Azuay and Zuleta embroidery; Macanas from Gualaceo, and fabrics / textiles from Chimborazo.

Handmade – our furniture is made by hand, by the best craftsmen of the region.

Fair Trade – We promote our products through fair trade channels.

Sustainability – We are working on agreements to ensure that all our wood comes from certified sources, thus guaranteeing the protection of our forests.

Eco-friendly – We seek to have an ecological awareness in our sourcing of materials and human resources that protect and improve the natural and human environment.  We promote the use of ecological, recycled materials, and work with urban artists, specialists, and craftsmen to set a new trend.


Our Team

Julio Paredes – Electrical and mechanical engineer from the Universidad Politécnica Nacional de Quito, with ample experience in Ecuador and abroad, in charge of production and management of the family business.

Mirian Sánchez – Fabrics specialist, sales and purchasing, quality control, and administration.

Carola Paredes Sánchez – architect by profession, and specialist in cultural heritage focused on the design of new collections and local artisan alliances. 

Erika Paredes Sánchez – international negotiations specialist, specialized in sales and marketing.

Carmen Correa – sales associate.

James Wilson – graphic design and Web development.